How to Launch an ICO Promotion on Instagram

Social media offers the least expensive method for ICO promotion. In recent times, many Initial Coin Offerings have taken to the internet to get investors. With investors, many cryptocurrency startups can fund their projects.

Apart from Facebook, Telegram, and Twitter, Instagram is a perfect channel to promote your ICO. As a result of the videosharing options available on Instagram, it becomes easy for you to inform people about your project and win their interest.

What Makes Instagram a Good Platform for ICO Promotion

Promoting ICO on Instagram enables you to provide a clear picture of your project to followers and other potential investors. Now, it’s a fact that Instagram is the number one spot for pictures and videos about brands and their offerings.

In addition, Instagram Stories and other features of Instagram allow you to share informative and engaging posts. When you share videos which contain updates about your ICO using Instagram Stories, these videos get fixed to the top page of the feed where everyone can see and engage them.

Engaging with Instagram’s population and daily users is the secret to getting your ICO on the minds (and lips) of people. Your goal should always be to reach a wider audience and convince them that your project is worth their hard-earned money.

Hence, get ready to create awareness and fundraise simultaneously.

Steps Involved in ICO Promotion on Instagram

The most critical step in promoting your ICO on Instagram is creating an ICO account. When you fill in the essential details, remember to add your site link to the base of your profile picture.

With the link to your ICO website, you can be sure that your ICO will be successful. Not only does this platform help you to gain more visibility but it also sends traffic to your website. And when people know what you represent, their interest is awakened. Another primary step is adding a picture of your ICO as your profile photo. Instagram users love images and videos. Hence, it’s essential that you use a catchy photo which gives people a good picture of your ICO.

Nobody wants to invest in something that’s going to fold up after a few days or months. Thus, prove your credibility with your profile photo.

How Instagram Posts can Help Your ICO Promotion

Every successful brand has discovered the value of engaging content. Based on research, brands which publish posts regularly get more comments on their posts and more views on their website.

As with any other social media algorithm, Instagram Algorithm pays attention to your account when you keep people talking about you. Interesting posts that tell stories which people can relate with is always a winning plan. If your posts include pictures with the right sizes, colors, and appeal, followers and other Instagram users will be quick to learn more about your cryptocurrency. Aside from keeping your posts interesting, you should post regularly.

Always provide updates on the timeline of your coin and the team behind the offering. When you post up to six times a week, your engagement and views will increase and your cost listing project can become achievable.

Wrap Up

You can use any other platform for advertising your ICO but with Instagram, you get real results. Take advantage of the photos, videos, and other features designed to help your ICO become successful.

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